А.    Regulatory powers

The Regulatory Board prescribes technical standards and technical specifications and controls the railway sector in BiH, taking into account the EU directives on railways.

Б.   Licensing, Security and Permitting Licenses

The Regulatory Board is the sole authority responsible for issuing, monitoring and revoking licenses, security certificates and licenses. In this regard, the Regulatory Board issues instructions and prescribes forms regarding the submission of applications and conditions for issuing licenses, security certificates and licenses.

Ц.    Other powers and functions

1. Regulatory Board also:

a) issue instructions for the safety and interoperability of the railway system, monitor the observance of these instructions and approve the railway equipment necessary for safety and interoperability;
b) control and report on inspection controls;
c) investigate and report on accidents;
d) keeps and publishes statistics on accidents;
e) an appeal body for railway operators in accordance with Article 23 of the Law on Railways of BiH.